The 5 Best Domestic Beaches I’ve Ever Visited

The 5 Best Domestic Beaches I’ve Ever Visited

Speaking of holidays, there are many tourist destinations that can be visited. Beaches, mountains, museums, amusement parks, geoparks, and even just going to the mall are sometimes referred to as vacations. For me, the most satisfying form of satisfying my travel cravings is when I go to the beach.

Seeing the vast ocean from the shoreline, walking on the sand while occasionally touching the seawater, smelling the distinctive salty scent of the beach, enjoying the sound of the wind accompanied by the roar of the waves, all of it makes me addicted to keep coming back to the beach.

If you read my previous writings, I mentioned that my father used to enjoy taking me (and the whole family) on trips since I was young. It seems like my interest in traveling grew from that time. I really enjoyed going to the beach when I was little.

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When I started working, I began earning my own money, part of which I allocated for recreational activities to unwind. Most of the destinations I head to are beaches, one after another.

Summarized from my explorations over the past few years, here are the best beaches I have ever visited:

1. Labuan Bajo, East Tenggara Timur

When we hear the words “Komodo Island,” we surely imagine those prehistoric creatures resembling giant lizards, right? Despite being categorized as fierce animals, visiting their habitat has actually become one of the attractions for tourists, both domestic and international.

It’s not only the Komodo dragons that attract travelers in droves to come there, but also the extraordinary charm of its natural beauty. The cluster of islands, along with the coastal and underwater scenery, makes the Komodo sailing experience not only unforgettable but also difficult to move on from!

Labuan Bajo Indonesia
Gili Lawa Darat

Starting from the harbor in Labuan Bajo, we can rent a boat or join a tour to sail around the cluster of islands in the Komodo archipelago. At that time, I visited Rinca Island (one of those included in the Komodo National Park), Padar Island, Gili Lawa Darat (Gili Laba), Kelor Island, Gusung Island (Taka Makassar), Kenawa Island, and Pink Beach.

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At that moment, I also snorkeling to enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery, where if we’re lucky, we can see a school of Manta Rays swimming at Manta Point.

2. Derawan Island, North Kalimantan

The 4-hour journey from the city of Tarakan to the Derawan Islands, despite the quite high waves at that time, didn’t dampen my spirit to get there. True indeed, all the fatigue and worries during the journey on the speedboat paid off completely upon witnessing the scenery in the Derawan Islands.

During my time there, I had the opportunity to swim with whale sharks at Derawan Island, dive to see thousands of stingless jellyfish at Kakaban Island, and visit a turtle farm at Sangalaki Island.

Derawan Indonesia
Sangalaki Island, Derawan

I also managed to visit Maratua Island where the sea was brightly colored in a sparkling green, like diamonds under the sunlight, incredibly beautiful! Masha Allah.

Oh, by the way, I also tried extreme activities there, such as cliff jumping into the water and exploring a cave called Fish Cave. Truly an unforgettable moment and once again, making it hard to move on! It was not in vain to save up experiences there.

3. Belitung, Bangka Belitung Islands

Belitung is renowned for its beaches adorned with large rocks. The beaches, which remain clean, and the clear seawater attract the interest of tourists to the islands in Belitung.

Some of the beaches I visited while in Belitung include Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Kepayang Island, Gusung Island, Lengkuas Island, Burong Island, and Batu Berlayar Beach.

Belitung Indonesia

There was some rain at times, but it didn’t wash away the beauty of the beach panoramas there. Sitting by the beach, enjoying the sunset while chatting with friends made the evenings feel delightful.

Besides the beaches, in Belitung, I also visited the Museum of Words built by Andrea Hirata and Ahok’s House, which has become a tourist spot. Oh, I almost forgot! Don’t forget to visit Kaolin Lake, a lake formed from the remnants of kaolin excavation in the Air Raya Tanjungpandan Village.

4. Bunaken Marine Park, Manado, North Sulawesi

Snorkeling at Bunaken Marine Park became an unforgettable experience for me, as it marked my first-time snorkeling with such breathtaking underwater scenery.

In my personal opinion, the beach there is just average. It wasn’t very well-maintained when I visited in 2015. There were only a few places to rent snorkeling equipment and underwater photography services. The public toilets for changing clothes weren’t that great either.

Bunaken Indonesia
Sorry for the 2015 phone’s resolution ><

My whole family got hooked on snorkeling there. Even though we visited during the scorching sun, we were content swimming until our skin turned dark. The coral reefs there are incredibly diverse and colorful, and the variety of fish is amazing. I even saw a sea snake with blue and white stripes swimming away from where my family and I were snorkeling.

I also took photos (underwater) at the edge of the underwater cliff. It was a terrifying experience, but too remarkable to pass up. At least I got to see an underwater cliff at least once in my lifetime. Hehe.

In my opinion, Bunaken Marine Park is one of those places that should not be missed on the bucket list for all you travelers out there.

5. Tanjung Aan, Lombok Island

Speaking of Lombok Island, it brings back memories of my Real Work Experience (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) during my college years back in 2011. I spent approximately 2 months in one of the villages in West Lombok. Undoubtedly, since that I fell in love with the beaches there.

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Among the many enchanting beaches in Lombok, Tanjung Aan in the Mandalika area became my favorite. Upon arrival, you are greeted with the breathtaking sight of the clear, blue-to-green sea and the picturesque hills surrounding the beach.

Tanjung Aan Indonesia
Tanjung Aan, 2018

It’s relatively less crowded there compared to the beaches in the Gili Trawangan area, especially if you visit on weekdays – it’s almost like having a private beach. Activities you can do there, apart from taking photos, of course, include playing in the water (obviously), surfing, sunbathing, taking a boat tour, or just sitting by the shore snacking.

Because I couldn’t move on from this beach, I’ve visited it 3 times already. Whenever I go to Lombok, I always make time to visit, lol.

Unfortunately, the vendors and beggars there can be quite bothersome. They tend to be a bit persistent in trying to sell to tourists, and the beggars tend to follow tourists around. Hmm…

Next, Where to?

Well, that’s my story about the 5 best beaches in the country that I’ve visited. Hopefully, in the future, I’ll have the opportunity to visit other amazing beaches in this country.

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